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Basement Remodel Before & After and Design Tips

By: Robin Titus-Schwadron

Basements are notoriously unfriendly. They're often dark, cold and synonymous with storage and sports memorabilia. A transformed space below grade shakes off the basement label offering hundreds of square footage to a home, a return on investment, and a new area of the home that becomes the go-to space for casual entertaining and a comfortable place for friends and family to put up their feet.

We welcome you to explore the full before and after of this Riverside Tudor basement remodel and a short list of things we can help you think through if you're considering a basement remodel.

Basement Wishlist: Additional Square Footage of Finished Space

Why our experience matters. For basements here in the Midwest, you want to make sure any water problems you have in your basement are mitigated first. This is important for the investment of the remodel and is equally important to the safety and comfort of your home. The good news is that there are several ways to tackle any number of moisture problems you may be experiencing and our trusted Contractors can outline all the options.

Basement Wishlist: Adding a Bathroom

Why our experience matters. An additional bathroom is great for entertaining, convenience, and resale! However, one thing clients often don't realize is that adding a bathroom to the basement often requires an upgrade to the water line coming into your home. This ultimately depends on the number of fixtures you have now and is a straightforward process for most homes.

Basement Wishlist: Adding a Bedroom

Why our experience matters. The need for an additional bedroom comes up for many people. For example, what better way to keep out-of-town guests comfortable than with their own private retreat? Or for some, it's an aging parent or family member that needs to be under the same roof but needs somewhere to call their own. The instant advantage of adding a legal bedroom (a room with a closet and a door) is the return on investment, but this requires an egress from the bedroom to the outside such as a window. While not budget-breaking, this is one of the things we help factor in for you to make sure the remodel is done the right way. The added bonus? More natural light!

Before & After Basement Remodel: Riverside Tudor Project - Riverside, Illinois




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