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Breathe Life Into Your Space

Style tips for incorporating greenery into a room.

Spring is upon us here in Chicago and for those of us with green thumbs (or those who desperately wish we did!) it is rejuvenating to see new green buds popping up around us. For outdoor gardening, the three P’s of planning, preparing, and PATIENCE are our biggest allies as we wait for that last frost to pass. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get our green fix indoors!

There are so many ways to breathe life into a space by incorporating live plants or fresh-cut flowers into a room’s decor. Playing with artistic vessels is one of the easiest ways to elevate an indoor plant’s place in the room. Plus, we love the wow factor a new plant inside a beautiful planter delivers, whether for a housewarming gift, graduation present or friend’s birthday – this small gift can deliver a big impact!

Robin Titus-Schwadron uses unique and creative ways to incorporate plants and unexpected vessels into a space that can provide that final touch. Here are her top tips:

Design tips for using plants:

Pick the right plant. This is essential to a happy live plant in a room. You’ll want to consider the light conditions and any other temperature changes (think heating vents or drafty windows) that a plant may experience and pick the right one. For low-light rooms, we love the ZZ plant because it can handle a variety of light conditions, making it our go-to for rooms that don’t get a lot of light. Plus, we love their shiny, oval-shaped leaves that shoot upward and can quickly grow in a home indoors. ZZ plants are toxic to animals and humans so these are not a good fit for homes with small children or pets.

Add a layered look. Try incorporating a plant near a piece of your favorite art, or a stem vase and complimentary accessory. When it comes to styling, be prepared to try a couple of different looks, add and subtract different options, step back and take it in, and then adjust as necessary until it looks “perfect” for your room.

If live plants are a no-go, try faux! Some rooms just don’t have the right conditions for any plant or maybe your lifestyle makes it next to impossible to have fresh plants in your home. Faux plants have come a long way over the years (goodbye dusty plastic plants in the corner!) so don’t be afraid to try something artificial, yet well-made to look realistic to achieve the same effect that greenery can add to a room.


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